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Wisconsin’s Gun Shop Project and Safe Storage Program to prevent Suicides

Gun Shop Project and Safe Storage Program

The Program is designed to assist gun shops in working with the gun owner community to provide 2 levels of support to help address firearm suicides:

1) Firearm suicide prevention safety information:  Gun shops are providing materials to their customers and staff about Suicide Prevention and responsible firearm ownership developed by national organizations (National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), American Foundation on Suicide Prevention, and the VA). Contact us at if you would like a packet of free materials from the NSSF. Also check out our page that includes additional materials on similar programs.

2) Firearm storage outside of the home: Live today – Put it Away! The gun shops on the map provide customers firearm storage for a low fee. This service has been developed to assist individuals that are in a crisis to voluntarily store their firearms outside of the home.

Message to Gun Shops: We need your help! Please sign up, so your establishment can be placed on the map so that individuals, mental health providers, family, and friends will see that you are part of a suicide prevention solution. Once you sign the agreement someone will contact you within 48 hours to place your establishment on the map. 

Information for Gun Shops about the Gun Storage program

Download our Gun Shop Project Introduction Packet Here or each document below

Participate in the Program by:

  1. Signing up: On-line
  2. or Print this form and mail it to us: Gun Shop Agreement

The Gun Shop Project

A brief look at the origins of the gun shop project: Check out the CNN story or the story below.  

Wisconsin Firearm Safe Storage Facilities

The locations in blue on the map are currently providing firearm storage. Call them in advance for costs, restrictions, or any other information before going in-person to the store.

Instructions for anyone using the storage map:

The firearm facilities noted on the map are voluntarily providing this service and can refuse to provide storage for anyone. Please call and check whether the facility is providing the gun storage service prior to referring someone in crisis to a firearm store. Be sure that you have the firearm(s) unloaded, when you take them in.

This program is in the beginning stages of development as a State-wide endeavor. Firearm Facilities, please sign up: HERE.

Please email us at for suggestions or if you have a firearm facility that would like to participate. Let us know how we are doing and what else we can do to help you provide this service!

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Check out the Video by Susan Smykal talking about the program

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