What can you do?

Suicide is preventable and we can all help prevent suicide.  So, what can you do?  You can Be There. 

Be There is a national suicide prevention strategy focusing on taking action to Be There for the Veteran in your life.  Being There for someone is an art, not a science.  There is no formula or instruction manual to make everything better because every situation is different. You don’t have to fix things; you just have to Be There. Check out this site for warning signs of suicide.


Our “Be There Wis” icon.

We know that there are many veterans who are eligible for VA services and aren’t yet using them as well as veterans who are not eligible for VA services, yet could use assistance and support. We are doing this campaign to reach those veterans and assist them in getting the care and resources they need.

Mission of the Task Force

  • We agree to work on ending suicides in all populations with a focus on Veterans
  • Develop and share new ideas and innovations to reduce suicides and reduce the risk of suicide
  • Teach the community about military culture and on their role in preventing suicides
  • Provide support to those affected by suicides
  • Definition of Veteran is anyone who has worn the uniform including National Guard and Reservists even if they have not been active duty.

The Task Force was formed in November 2019 with more than 25 community agencies as a component of the VA’s Suicide Prevention plan which is focused on developing community coalitions to develop action plans to prevent Veteran suicides. The Task Force has developed 4 Action Areas to save Veteran lives:

If you are interested in joining  the Task Force Email us at: Taskforce@betherewis.com