Southeastern Wisconsin Veteran Suicide Prevention Task Force

Contact: Dona Drew, MSW, Community Engagement and Partnership Coordinator,

VA Medical Center Milwaukee, WI

The Task Force is focused on actions in the following areas: Public Health Awareness, Outreach, Clinical & Research/Policy. Check out our progress below 

Universal or ALL People

 Public Health Awareness 

This Action Area is promoting VA’s “Be There” suicide prevention campaign. We are seeking earned media events through  the Wisconsin news media to market the Task Force’s website.

Many People

 Outreach to Veterans 

The Outreach and Whole Health action area is engaging Service members, Veterans, and their friends and family to use their healthcare benefits, provide improved access to these resources (e.g., IMACT 2-1-1) and participate in healthy living behaviors.

The Few

 Clinical Services for Veterans 

The Clinical Services action area is working to ensure that Service Members, Veterans, and their family and friends who are in a crisis have access to appropriate mental health services at the VA and throughout the community with clinicians that understand military/veteran issues and culture. It is focused also on Veterans who don’t have VA health care benefits. The partnership with the Veterans Health Coalition provides a listing of clinical resources for Veterans.

Change the Culture

 Research & Policy 

This action area is investigating and initiating policy and program changes through research projects which can inform on legislature changes which will decrease Veteran suicides. The current research focus is to study the effects of Veterans use of firearm storage and firearm safety methods to reduce the use of firearms in suicides. This research will hopefully support laws which can impact Veteran suicide prevention.